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Day +208 (1/15) Homeward bound.

We had time for some cheese steaks for breakfast in the food court and then proceeded to our gate. Well the gate as printed on our boarding pass was no longer valid, it was moved… (you guessed it)… to the opposite side of the airport terminal, almost as far away as possible. We made it there in time to board as they called for those needing assistance and the flight went without a hitch. Our arrival in PGH was smooth as well.

I placed Stephanie and Fallyn inside in a good spot for pickup and Jennifer & I took some wheeled luggage with us to long term parking to retrieve the van. It was where I left it and undamaged and started without difficulty. After getting laded, the first chorus I here is “we’re hungry” from Jennifer & Stephanie I did not want to stop on this side of the tunnels at 14:00 on a Friday afternoon so I promised we would stop for Pizza near home, (I did not feel like cooking once we got home & unloaded).

The rest went without a hitch. We got all of our ‘stuff’ put away, relaxed for a while and turned in early.

Doctors’ appointments have been kept and more need to be. Her progress is forward with nominal problems arising. The low iron may be problematic, time will tell. Now that she is eating more, especially chicken, cleaning her teeth is a compounded issue. The meat is impacting around her molars and she is unable to brush back there. I use a rubber tipped dental pick to remove some but as the bad breath indicates I am not removing enough of it. This is just another twist to follow on our road forward.

Thank you for all of your interest & support.

Frank, Jennifer, Stephanie & FALLYN!