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Day +277 (3/28) No news is good news

No news is good news, so the saying goes… I apologize for the delay in posting an update but there has been very little to report on. Fallyn has had no colds, fevers or infections. She has been to several doctors’ appointments lately with a few more routine checkups still to go. All have been positive in their evaluation of her progress.

Fallyn is well up in the government growth/weight chart. She tops out at 48.75” (41st percentile) and 55.5 lbs (50th percentile). Her BMI is 16, which is at the 58th percentile. Her nutrition is still via g-tube, although she has been increasing her oral intake of soft & pureed foods. This is sporadic and not even of enough volume to supplement her needs. Part of the current reluctance to eat is a loose front upper tooth. The new one is at least half in and she refuses to wiggle or have me pull the loose one. The new tooth is pushing the old one back and it occasionally impacts her lower teeth and/or gum line. This has brought forth quite a few tears. We have a routine checkup appointment with her dentist, Dr. Martin, in April and the issue will be resolved sometime prior to the end of our visit. We have in large part eliminated her frequent vomiting following bolus feeds by eliminating them and feeding her via pump only. Instead of dumping the food into her in under 3 to 5 minutes it is now infused in about .5 hour.