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Day +303 (4/23) Still improving

Fallyn finally agreed to get back in the bath tub. We are now doing bath & bandage changes every other day. It is trying. Initially she would not let me put anything in the water. Yesterday we talked about needing to change bandages today and she said “I made a bad decision getting back in the tub. It hurts too much” Today I insisted on salting the water and she said it was not as bad. The wounds are healing a bit better. I do not know if I should attribute that to the bathing or the more frequent bandage changes. I am also hoping this bathing routine does not lead to infections… for now she is tolerating the process and it seems to be a step in the right direction.

BMT wise she is doing great. Skin integrity is still improved. Right now she is still her own worst enemy. She tears herself up from digging at her skin. She has had accidents and done numerous things that previously would have caused major damage. There has been some wound trauma but much less than would have been incurred pre-transplant. I am still glad we pursued this process and continue to hold out hope for continued improvement.

Thank you for all your support.

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