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Welcome to Fallyn's Dad's blog telling her story and about her progress. As of now, Fallyn has started treatment... the countdown to Day "0" (bone marrow transplant day) has finished and Fallyn is now in the +'s (days after the transplant).  Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. 

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Day +115 (10/15) Blood Work Snafu

As usual, all went well with the check up. There is some sort of snafu with the order for the blood work though. It has not yet been communicated to me what I need to have drawn...

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Day +113 (10/13) 33% and fabulous...

Speaking of Jennifer’s cells, I was confirming our next appointment in Minnesota and was given come fantastic news. The skin biopsy results from the +100 day procedure are back and the big marker (I forget exactly what it is they are measuring) they track is up to 33% Jennifer. So we went from 8% at +30 days to 13% at +60 days and we now have 33% from the +100 day biopsies. Any guesses as to the results of the 6 month tests?...

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Day +111 (part B) 10/6 to 10/11- WELCOME HOME!

Goodbyes are never easy- especially when you have shared experiences of such magnitude. We, each of us, have had a lot of interaction. Each has been able to help the other with a broad spectrum of issues, making this extra-ordinarily challenging experience more manageable. I am hopeful that that was not goodbye as much as so long until next time we are able to meet again. The girls progressed through transplant at such a schedule that we are bound to overlap and meet up again in the future during check up visits.

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Day +111 (Part A) 10/6 to 10/11- Final Clinic Visit

On Wednesday we had our final clinic visit. We had to say goodbye to ALL the clinic staff and Laura Sufka the ‘where did I leave my keys’ Child-Family Life Specialist. Fallyn had a large tally to fill from her participation in the Beads of Courage Program and this is but a tiny part of what Laura does. We answered questions and Fallyn was given an abbreviated exam. Her lab work came back good although the Hemoglobin was low. Given all of the blood drawn over the last several days this result was not unexpected. The results from the Molecular Diagnostics test, drawn last week, were handed to me today as well.

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Day +101 (10/1) Saying goodbye to RMH

Next week will be busy and thankfully Aunt Janet IS coming in Tuesday to help. It will be a great moment, a long time coming, but departing here UMMC-F & RMH will leave a pang of loss. ‘Minnesota Nice’ is not just an expression. It is a fact we experienced every day we were here and we WILL miss it!

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